Athletix United instructors teach a strong foundation and believe firmly in mastery of the basics before advancing to the next level.  Respecting the naturalization of progression leads to greater potential for long term goal mastery.  We believe in our secret sauce:  conditioning, strength training, emotional support and repetition.  We have helped hundreds of athletes make the necessary changes to elevate their potential and increase skill level while maintaining sound technique and safety.  

Skill Building Classes:

  • Jump and Condition
  • Core n More
  • Stretch Class
  • Flyer and Base Class
  • Tot Tumble
  • Basic Tumble
  • Level 1 Tumble
  • Tumble for Dancers
  • Walkovers (Front & Back)
  • Handspring Class
  • Tucks (Running & Standing)
  • Layouts n Twists

Private Lessons

Private Lessons:
$45 for 30 minutes
$70 for 60 minutes
Semi Private Lessons (2 Kids):
$100 for 60 minutes ($50/per child)
Group Private Lessons (3 Kids):
$120 for 60 minutes ($40/per child)
For more information and/or scheduling of private lessons, call us at 508-461-5533 or email
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