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 What is NinjaZone?

NinjaZone is a youth Ninja training program. It is inspired by the discipline from martial arts, coordination from gymnastics, strength and agility from obstacle course training, and creativity from parkour and freerunning. Classes are led by highly qualified Ninja Coaches. The result is undeniable - focused energy, work ethic, and self-responsibility. 

We are now offering two levels of our new Ninja Adventure Program! We have our regular class for those Ninjas just starting out and Elite Level classes for those with a mastery of basic Ninja skills who are looking to kick it up a notch!  


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Our Location

37 Sutton Rd
Webster, MA 01570

Hours Of Operation

Kids United

Sat 9a - 11am

All Star Cheer / NinjaZone

Mon-Thu: 4p - 8p; Sat 9a - 2p

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